Interest Server

What is an Interest Server? It’s an amazing new tool that we think just might improve the way in which we find information on the Internet. So, how does the Interest Server work? Well, imagine four (4) little web robots stuffed into a computer server.

Interest Server Logo.016

These four (4) web robots have four very distinct jobs. Robot 1 is a masterful reader of all things web. Its specialty is combing the Internet to find content that you’ve expressed an interest in – let’s say organic gardening. It can read and sort through thousands of blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts, etc. in a matter of minutes. Robot 2 filters content based on a set of rules you provide it. So, “No articles on organic beets”, they’re out. You only want recipes on Friday, you got it.

We’ve clocked Robot 1 reading about 5,000 websites an hour. While Robot 2 has easily filtered 15,000 articles in under 15 minutes.

Robot 3 is a curation robot; it gracefully presents the information that Robot 1 and 2 have discovered, and filtered, in a user-friendly way that lets you approve and forward the information that you find of interest.

IS Garden 2

Robot 4 simply formats and publishes the information that you’ve approved to Twitter, Facebook, Flipboard, MailChimp or whatever web service you prefer.

Working together, as a team, the four (4) robots are called an Interest Server. We imagine a world where there are as many Interest Servers as email or web servers.