Our Social Mags

Back in 2010 we decided to marry a web curation robot and an in-house publishing framework for a newly launched app, Flipboard – we were a little ahead of our time.  At one point we were publishing 3 to 5 new Flipboard magazines a day.

Today we actively maintain dozens of magazines for our clients; and we corporately publish 40 consumer-facing magazines with over 40,000 subscribers across Flipboard, Google Currents and Twitter as part of our N4MD Lab.

Our Food Culture magazines (+Foodies) focus on everything from affluent diners to foodie home cooking. Our most popular Food Culture Social Magazine, Seattle+Foodies, continues to set the trend for expertly curated food-focused Flipboard magazines.

Seattle+Foodies Screen 1

Our FanMag magazines are focused on the sports and tech lifestyle. Over the last 18 months our Interest Server have curated over 350,000 NFL related articles across 32 NFL teams. Our Football imprint, FanMag-Football is not only popular on mobile devices, but also as a web magazine.

FanMag-Football Screen

Falcons FanMag Section

Why Curate? is our corporate newsletter. It covers topics from Social Media trends to masterfull collections of all things digital.

Why Curate

Why Curate?