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Announcing Visit

Announcing Visit


Today, at the Atlanta Demo Day of Georgia Tech’s accelerator, Flashpoint, we are pleased to announce our new service platform; a completely new endeavor. We called it Visit.

The idea is centered around the question of, “What would you do for 15 minutes with your favorite Craftsman, Artist, Musician or Makers (think winemaker, dressmaker, cheesemaker, etc.)?”

After many months of interviews, after hundreds of conversations, we’ve come to believe that empowering artisans to offer Limited Edition Experiences ™ could be meaningful to the millions of people world the world that make a living crafting and selling handmade goods..  We’re building a platform that simplifies the efforts of connecting artist (and brands) with their best customers.

Visit’s mantra is “Meet the Maker ℠” – more details coming soon!

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