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The coming age of audible computing…

The coming age of audible computing…

For the last few years N4MD has been working to bring simplification and ease to leveraging the wisdom and knowledge found in user generated Social content. Our first product, the Interest Server, allowed companies to create a set of parameters and have our web robots search for and sort content that matched their unique business content needs. We found our first clients at The Home Depot, then Nissan, and Maui Jim Sunglasses and Sears.

But it became obvious in the early days of our work that clients also wanted their own personal Interest Server. They wanted the robots to find content that they considered personally valuable, content that was relevant and meaningful to their everyday lives.

We’ve recently witnessed the rise of Google Now, Apple News and Flipboard; all attempts to take the “Sourciness” out of text based, visual news. Amazon’s Alexa was the first audible computing appliance to crack the code (selling more than 2 million units) and most people were taken by surprise that such a game-changing computing device would from the e-commerce giant. We weren’t surprise. Amazon is a master of removing friction from the shopping process. Allowing the customer to simply speak an order removes almost all possible friction – the only option that tops that is some form of predictive mind reading!

This simplified mode of operation is what’s so magical about audible computing. It allows someone that is 2 or 102 to simply make a request, a give a command or hold a conversation; and the cloud computer processes the request and returns the results. We believe that in the near future there will be as many audible computers in use as there are mobile phones.

Marrying the Interest Server with platforms like Alexa would allow N4MD to create thousands of highly focused, amazingly curated news channels. Imagine an Alexa channel for people that love organic rose gardening. One for those that want to hear the latest podcasts about tuning parts for Nissan’s GT-Rs. Maybe a channel for those that wish to stay up to date on adventure travel on the smaller islands of Hawaii. Alexa channels could be created from blog content that is read by Alexa as Text to Speech or it could be a collection of topical podcast.

We’re just beginning our work in audible computing. Check back for regular updates and listen out for our progress.

Team N4MD

P.S. The image above is the Pebble Core – it’s a small computer that you clip onto your shirt pocket. It’s connected to your phone via bluetooth and it will allow you to play music from your phone or Spotify, but it also allows you access Amazon’s Alexa anytime. (image courtesy of Pebble)

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