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VISIT – 90 days in…

VISIT – 90 days in…

At the end of March we introduced our newest endeavor VISIT to the world. Our work was just starting and to date we’ve made a huge amount of progress. In the coming weeks we will introduce our team and give user examples of Makers, Artisans and Designers that have been using our platform.

One of the many lessons that we’ve learned over the past dozen VISITs is that there is “Sincerity in Conversation.” There is just something magical about the human voice and the ability to have an honest, real time conversation with someone to talk about their art, their craft, or their passion  – it be simply intoxicating. We find ourselves relistening to VISITs, often in amazement, of the chemistry found between the Makers and their customers.

We have also been testing the notion of a Social VISIT ℠, where a Social media personality offers VISITs as a gift or prize to their loyal followers. They’ve been a blast; one Social VISIT sold out in less than 10 minutes. For more information about VISIT, find us at www.maywevisit.com.

Thanks for staying tuned and more to come in the weeks ahead.

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