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Why Curate?

Why Curate?

Most businesses, big and small, have a need to “feed the social beast”. They need content that is relevant to their customer base to push out to their Social channels (Facebook, Twitter, website, etc.). This is time consuming, expensive and generally not the expertise of most businesses creating or sharing the content. Therefore, content curation is the answer for the majority of companies.
In our Social mag “Why Curate?“ we gather and share the best content curation and Social media marketing news, tips and how to’s on the web, providing valuable information to companies looking to better engage and market to their online customers. Read or subscribe to Why Curate?

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Introducing EVEN Hotels to Flipboard.
Earlier this year, we partnered with EVEN Hotels, a unique new hotel brand geared toward wellness-minded travelers. EVEN was looking to increase the overall visibility of their brand, reinforce their commitment to ensuring customers stay healthier and happier away from home, and build a sense of community for wellness-minded travelers. N4MD worked with EVEN to create [...] Read more – ‘Introducing EVEN Hotels to Flipboard.’.
Bringing Nissan, NISMO, and the GT-R brands to life on Flipboard
Last fall we had the fantastic opportunity to work with Nissan USA’s Marketing Innovation Lab and the Performance Division to bring NISMO World to life on Flipboard. The suite of three magazines has something for every NISMO fan: one magazine is devoted entirely to GT-Rs, one is about Nissan automotive life and the last is [...] Read more – ‘Bringing Nissan, NISMO, and the GT-R brands to life on Flipboard’.
Happy Anniversary! One year of using the Interest Server for The Home Depot
At the end of 2012, we sat down with the team at The Home Depot and started identifying sources and keywords to enter into the Interest Server. As you can imagine for a company the size of The Home Depot, this was no easy task. After weeks of review and contemplation, together we had identified [...] Read more – ‘Happy Anniversary! One year of using the Interest Server for The Home Depot’.

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