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Midtown Atlanta launches new Innovation Website and Flipboard Magazine

Midtown Atlanta launches new Innovation Website and Flipboard Magazine

Our friends at Midtown Alliance recently launched an exciting new website focused on innovation in Midtown Atlanta at http://www.midtownatlinnovates.com/. The site was built to show that”Midtown Atlanta is thriving with a kinetic mix of creativity and technology, inspiring the world’s next great ideas and experiences”. It contains a mix of local public events, local news and cutting edge information, bringing together Atlantans and technology. They call it a ”Living Lab”: an urban lab uniting local developers,entrepreneurs, and researchers.

We have been working with Midtown Alliance for the past year, providing them with the best content on the web for their Midtown ATL Flipboard magazine and jumped at the chance to supply them with content for the new site and associated magazine. Both the website and ATL Innovates are a wonderful source of information that keep us at N4MD in the loop as well as the rest of Midtown Atlanta!

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